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#0001 proofofblind || DELETED: Flawed & Revolved Doors

DO NOT VOTE for this post; the potential for rewards being earned by this post are being pre-emptively downvoted to zero.

If you vote for this post, you will not receive any curation rewards in return for your upvote.

This post passed our plagiarism check, but shortly after posting it, we discovered that the author merely submitted content that had already been posted to Hive.

As such, that content has been deleted (but we've left instructions below about how to submit your own original content to the Proof of Blind project).

This is a violation of the Proof of Blind rule stating that all submitted content must be "your own original work and has not been published or posted elsewhere."

I don't fault the author who submitted this content -- my guess is they simply didn't read the instructions closely enough before submitting it. We've made the submission instructions more explicit, so that this type of mistake can no longer happen by chance.

How can I submit original content to the Proof of Blind project?

First and foremost, go to the latest "Request for Submissions" post and follow the instructions.

Second, follow @blind.submit so you will receive all future "Request for Submissions" posts.

Third, follow @blind.stats so you can follow the leaderboard and see how your content compares to all the other content being submitted via the Proof of Blind project (and see whether you have been granted permission to post to the project more than once a week).

How can I curate for the Proof of Blind project?

Simply follow @proofofblind and vote for the best content you find there.

Also, if you are interested in photography-only and art-only posts, follow @proofofblind.pix and

*What does certified plagiarism-free mean?

As a result of our plagiarism review, we are confident that this post represents original unpublished creative work.

We are backing that confidence with a 150% curation-reward guarantee.

If you vote for this post and it is found to have been plagiarized (prior to the close of the voting period), we will coordinate efforts to zero out all presumed author rewards. However, that also zeros out all curator rewards. To protect our curators, we will fully reimburse any would-be curation rewards that were zeroed as a result of the plagiarism enforcement, and we will add 50% to it.

This guarantee applies to any curation rewards that would have been worth at least $1 at the time the payout would have occurred. For example, if your upvote was worth $2 in HIVE and $2 in POB, but was zeroed out due to plagiarism-enforcement, then we would reimburse you $1.50 worth of HIVE and $1.50 worth of POB.

What is Proof of Blind and how does it work?

Here is a quick overview:

  • Content creators submit their original content (following the procedure detailed at the end of the "Request for Submissions" post).

  • Submitted content is checked for plagiarism.

  • Plagiarism-free content is posted via the @proofofblind account* (typically within 24 hours after submission), with

  • the original author as 85% beneficiary,

  • the person who coordinated the plagiarism review and finalized the @proofofblind post as 10% beneficiary,

  • @proofofblind retaining 5%.

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