I am beautiful ❤️


I am beautiful
They don't see it

Brighter than the stars ✨ in the sky
My light illuminate nations

Just like a stainless set against the Sun 🌄
My glow blinds their eyes 👀

Transparent like the fresh sea waters
Yet their retina can't comprehend

Like the finest designed art
Yet blank sheet is all they see

My faults I struggle to kill
To light they want it out

Pleasing the world not the mission
My life i want to live

To fullest and fulfillment
Making proud of myself

I am beautiful
And it doesn't matter who sees


This is a short poem written by me, just an encouraging message for self acceptance. At times the world refuses to acknowledge the greatness in us but that doesn't make us any less great. We just need to realize that we are great, the fault isn't ours but the world's inability to see what's right in front of it. Refuse to let anyone make you feel less important for we are all important in our own way. We all have fault so give no one the chance to treat you like shit. Remember, "You are beautiful and it doesn't matter who sees"

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