So Long, Goodbye

I wrote this poem long ago when I was in a very low place. For some reason I find the most inspiration at my most irrational times. I was thinking I should just end it all, and then I release all that negative energy (or positive energy in some instances but this wasn't one of them) onto the paper and into a poem. And then those feelings and thoughts kinda disappear. Any thoughts/criticisms/words all of them are appreciated. Thank you for reading. :)

Thank you sorrow for the wind
It comes and goes to cool my soul from the burdens of the end.
Pleasures of the Earth can sing but nothing sounds as sweet as the dust of the ground where I lie down to sleep.
Pleasant dreams for those I know dwell not on the memories for nothing eases like the teases of the passing of the centuries.
Fill the streams with tears of joy the aching of the passing smiles cannot fill the empty plains wrought from the masses bile.
Twigs and thorns jut from the ground piercing through the thinning skin dampening the solemn sky with tainted blood drops filled with sin.
Rotting from within my eyes visions of the falling stars calms the madness in my heart and finally I'm welcomed home.

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