Healing (Original Poetry)

Healing 01 - Original Poetry by Krisz Rokk

It is said that when the student is ready, the master appears. This has happened to me quite a few times throughout my life, but this time, it was different—amplified, life-altering, multidimensional, and galactic.

A couple of months ago, a beautiful soul, a Starseed, my cosmic brother with Lyran DNA, entered my life and facilitated a deep healing. This explosive quantum adventure has led to a plethora of changes in my human experience, reigniting my galactic DNA that lay dormant for far too long and leading to a gigantic expansion of my consciousness.

I can’t put into words my infinite gratitude for him sharing his amazing gift with me.


Healing 02 - Original Poetry by Krisz Rokk

Healing (Original Poetry)

My heart was bleeding
when you stepped into my life
Thank you! for facilitating the healing
by inserting untainted sacred codes
back into my physical avatar.

I didn’t do past or future life regressions
all I did was remember
the wisdom I gathered
on my numerous journeys
throughout the icosahedrons
of Ancient Egypt and the galactic stars.

You were there with me
a fierce and ferocious lion
fighting alongside my Feline avatar
to heal and help the human species
exit the Metatron Cube design.

We volunteered to be born
into a corrupted piece of code
we trained for this harsh environment
for billions of years, do you recall?

Our memory was wiped blanket
making it difficult to fight the frequency war
they tried to delete the vast knowledge,
the amazing experiences we had before.

We are Starseeds, powerful cosmic beings
Jedi Knights and diamond sparks
we are brave souls who chose love
ready to shatter this ubiquitous game
of fear and doubt.

Two warriors from the multiverse
United, we fight side by side
my beloved galactic brother
I’m here to join forces and do the grid work
to upgrade the connection
between Mother Earth and Source
through our unique DNA.

💎💎💎 Krisz Rokk 💎💎💎

Images: AI-generated images by Daniela S. via Midjourney

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