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"I first posted this on the Silverbloggers community as I don't know yet about this Blockchain Poet. But I guess it suits more here so permit me to cross-post this poetry of mine šŸ¤­. Thank you"

Because Of You (My Life Has Changed)


To Whom I Adore, My Life Is Nothing Without You. Loving you is forever I will do because no one cared and loved me the way you do. You have sacrificed yourself for me and stayed beside me even if it's stormy. Every time I am with you, you always make me happy, so I'll do the same even if my path is humpy. I'll jump over the stone and I'll weather all the storm. And to be with you again is something I am longing for.


Every line of this song lingers in my mind and engraves words in the heart of mine. Every tone signifies you, and everywhere I look, all I could see is you. The thoughts of you travel through my every vein and synapse, that won't stop even if I relapse.

Composing this content is all I could do, just to remember every goodness of you. You've been my inspiration and motivation. You lift my faith and boost my strength. Your smile is my reassurance, your love improves my perseverance. Every time I come across a hole, you'll hold my hand tightly so I won't fall. Beside you, I feel safer, but being away from you is the pain I need to hold longer.

All this hustling and bustling, your age doesn't hinder you from stopping. Each day to you is a productive day. Resting to you means more grinding. Could you at least rest for a while? Because seeing you resting and enjoying yourself is worthwhile. You deserve all the joy and love in the world that money couldn't afford.

Unequivocally, I don't want to see you lying sick in bed. It would pierce my heart with needle and bead. So please always be well even if I get unwell. Your good health more matters, it makes my heart flatters. It would make my body stronger and I could live longer.

So when the time comes that you will be needing more care, I could be your caregiver. If your vision gets blurry, I could be your eyes so you won't worry. If your auditory gets deaf, I could be your ears so you could feel relief. If standing and walking give you pain, I could stand beside you to be your crane. If your heart abnormally beats, I could give you a pacemaker that your heart fits.

Every time your brain fails to recollect, I could read your stories of the past in our dialect. So understanding could be easier and your mind will absorb them faster. If your body becomes weaker, I could be your wheelchair, stretcher, or walker. If your incontinence creates a mess in your abode, I would buy you a bedside commode. You don't need to worry about everything, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering.

Over the three decades, you raised and molded me to have a beautiful facade. Your every word is like a sword that marks permanently in my body like a birthmark. You engraved my heart with lessons that made me a good person. You nurtured my mind beautifully and that I admire you wholeheartedly.

Failures sometimes come in your door, but you never allow them to scratch your floor. Because you preferably accept them positively. They never let you down, rather, they mold you with high hopes with feet facing down. They never destroy your tranquility, rather, they reveal your utmost purity.

You never get tired of supporting me. You never get tired of loving me. Someday, your kindness and love, I would repay. I would carry your burdens and anything heavy. Your needs I would cater, your tired soul I would pamper. For the expenses, you don't have to worry, because everything by then would be ready.

On your special day, I want you to sail away. To a beautiful place full of peace. It would be a sweet escape you have to accept. You would decline I know, but I would insist that's all I could do. Because you deserve it and I know it would be worth it. Even in just one day, you'll experience a great holiday.

Ultimately, I would see you sooner and we could be together. I would see your face that I adore, I would feel the warmth that I aim for. I would feel your touch and I hope you remain unscathed. I would hear your voice soothing to my ears and full of happiness and cheers.

BECAUSE OF YOU, my life has changed. Even if years, months, and hours have passed, you never changed. Your beauty fades in time but not your heart. Your care, love, and touch I owe so much. And being grateful to have you is what I'll do forever. Happy Birthday, mother šŸ„°.


Aigoo, my fat momma šŸ¤—. November 10 was her 53rd birthday and I was inspired to write this. I wish you good health and everything mama. Labyu šŸ˜˜

Have you noticed the Acrostic writing? You can make it too šŸ˜

Ā©@Jane (All rights reserved 2021)

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