BlockchainPoets Weekly Prompt - Stranger

I welcome everyone to this new week. It's been a progressive week-after-week prompt with quite a low turnout from the community members. We, however, encourage every active community member to always look out for the pinned post and endeavor to make their various contributions.

Just like always last week gave us the opportunity to present our various poems with the theme "Blood Moon". A wonderful topic for a poem. We appreciate everyone who participated and also the windows are open for anyone who wishes to revisit the last week's prompt. Click on the above link if you're in such a category.

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This week's prompt is: Stranger

The word stranger is quite a common one which I believe everyone understands. By definition, stranger means being unfamiliar. Just as everyone has people or things they relate closely with, there are also people/things we tend to be unfamiliar with which makes us a stranger in such cases.

Perhaps, we have been helped by a stranger before or we have rendered help to one. The bottom line is, in one way or the other, the word stranger has existed in our lives.

It's a thing of the mind. Put up some captivating lines poet with the topic, sharing whatever sparks deep inside your mind. It's always better when it's unique and free of complex words. Play your part and keep the community alive.

Let your keyboard or quill, pen or pencil.. crayon.. or whatever you like to express yourself with, do the talking. Put down some killer lines of poetry, and share your awesome works with the community and the world.

That's about all for this week. Looking forward to catching up this week, and reading some cool writing. 😀

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