BlockchainPoets Weekly Prompt - Betrayal

Welcome to the BCP Weekly Prompt!

Apologies running a wee bit behind this week, it's been murder. But here we are.. finally! 😌

Thanks to @martinlazizi for last week's prompt Behind The Mask. If you didn't get a chance to write a piece for this prompt, feel free to have a go. Now onto this week's business... The Prompt!

This week's topic is: Betrayal 😩

I am quite sure that most of us have had a relationship or two that has went the way of the Dodo. Your significant other, whomever that may have been... had the audacity to take their leave of you and move on to what they consider brighter pastures.

The grass isn't always green on the other side either. Sometimes those significant others fail miserably with their new found "love".. and they get a dud. Karma can be a real #$%#$^&. 😄

Sometimes life has a way laying the smack down, and we all get those teachable moments. So what say you? Got any acts of betrayal that you are willing to share with the rest of us?

Let your keyboard or quill, pen or pencil.. crayon.. or whatever you like to express yourself with, do the talking. Put down some killer lines of poetry, and share your awesome works with the community and the world.

That's about all for this week. Looking forward to catching up this week, and reading some cool writing. 😀

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