The broken oath
Tortures my memory
And shakes my confidence
In all others
And what promises they make
It takes my reason
To trust
To believe
That no one but you would hurt me.

Is what you did
You meant to break me
And honestly I'm shattered
Every day you haunt me
A recollection of this and that
Was any of it real?
Every hour with you
Has been tainted
By your lies.

And like Benedict
You don't regret it
Straight into another allegiance
You went
And never said sorry
No remorse
You broken fiend
You fought me
Until I stirred no more
Held under by your fingers
I flailed until my last gasp
And now my ghost lingers
In an empty existence
Wishing to be let free
Of this persistence
That is life after "we".


This week's prompt at Blockchain Poets is "Betrayal".

Unfortunately it's a topic I'm entirely too familiar with. And not quite positive how to escape the trauma of it...






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