Blockchain Poets ~ Week in Review for Feb 28 to Mar 7 ~ AMAZING Poems ~ Hive SBI Winners, CCC winners, too

Hi everyone! Here we are with our weekly review. My apologies for being a day behind. Actually I may start doing it on this day going forward. As I mentioned on the other post, I may be looking for some help in the community soon. If you haven’t already, please join the Blockchain Poets discord. We haven’t used it much yet, so it’s pretty quiet, but going forward I hope we can use it more.

That out of the way, let’s move on.

Here are the poems published to Blockchain Poets for the week of Feb 28th–Mar 7th. Let’s have a look at the poems then we will get down to the contest winner.

This Week’s Poems

Was It or Not by @tahminasyed
An Idle Drum by @dibblers.dabs
Wishes Poetry ( Eng / esp) by @marydelmar70
Love Is a Lie by @crypt0sph3ryst
Social Media Exposes Your Life Without a Key by @walkinverse
The Unknown - a Midnight Poem by @sarashew
Not a War Cry! (Poems of Delirium) by @chrysanthemum
Who Is She? by @davidbright
All We Can Do Is Hope.. by @akumagai
Life Is Full of Prank’s and Patterns by @repayme4568
Don’t Quit You! by @martthesquire
The World at War by @todayslight
Midnight by @riverflows
With Love by @penyaircyber
The Mud Maid - Haiku & Exploration of Ancient British Mythology by @raj808
Tug of War by @cesarj21
The Doll Faces ~ Haiku of Japan by @dbooster
(ESP-ENG) Te Quiero Olvidar by @joseitosanchezs
Ants by @elementm
The World Needs a Touch of Kindness by @walkinverse
Peace Love by @penyaircyber
Ffffff by @ange.nkuru
Distance by @tahminasyed
World at War by @crypt0sph3ryst
(SPA-ENG) Desenterrando Viejos Poemas - Digging Up Old Poems by @agreste
The Cry by @jacco25
Considering the Tao #1 - The Way - Haiku, Excerpt and Reflections by @raj808
Entre Sombras - Between Shadows. (ESP-ENG) by @rafa1272
(ESP-ENG) Pugna by @joseitosanchezs
Opioid Crisis in America — About Depopulation by @walkinverse
Sun Turn / Giro Solar (ESP/ENG) by @sgarciacine
The Dogmen by @fibonacci2022
Courtship Proposal by @fibonacci2022
Night Time by @fibonacci2022
If They Ask by @tezmel
Is This Love? by @kingobonnaya
Oh Lord My God by @jacco25
We Find Ourselves - Word and Art to Inspire by @trucklife-family
While Tears Rolled Down by @tahminasyed
Recurrent Dream / Sueño Recurrente by @evagavilan2
Into the Breach My Friend by @akumagai
(ESP/ENG)I Need to Go / Necesito Ir by @smilejerry
Brand New by @maylenasland
Considering the Tao #2 - Balance Through Perception - Haiku, Excerpt and Reflections by @raj808

There we go. If you have time, check them out and see what you think. And if you like any, let the author know about it by leaving a great comment!


Wonderful commenting this week. Thank you everyone for following the rules and commenting at least twice for every poem you posted.

@joseitosanchezs and @penyaircyber beat everyone else in comments by quite a bit, so let’s congratulate them. 1 SBI for each of you guys!

Winner of Hive SBI and CCC

Remember, only people who gave two comments for every poem they posted are eligible for this contest. The only exception is that new poets are giving a pass their first week here.

Excluding myself, that puts 17 people in the running for HIVE SBI and 10 people in the running for CCC tokens.

I threw you guys into a random picker

and the winner is…

For Hive SBI:

@penyaircyber - 3 SBI
@sgarciacine - 2 SBI
@evagavilan2 - 2 SBI
@cesarj21 - 2 SBI
@davidbright - 1 SBI

For CCC tokens:

@maylenasland - 500 CCC
@agreste - 500 CCC
@joseitosanchezs - 500 CCC
@elementm - 500 CCC
@sgarciacine - 500 CCC


(if you aren’t sure what SBI is, it’s kind of lifetime payment system. You can read about it here)

And thank you all for your wonderful poems!

Next Week ~ Next Prize

Next week will be the same reward — shares of Hive SBI and CCC. For CCC, you must use the #creativecoin tag. For both SBI and CCC, you must comment.

The exact amount of Hive SBI depends on how many poets submit poems for the week.

0–9 poets - 1 SBI
10–19 poets - 5 SBI (split 2–2–1)
20–49 poets - 10 SBI (split 3–2–2–2–1)

(Note, these numbers don’t include @moeknows or myself.)

So if you want a chance for Hive SBI, go write a poem! If you want a chance for a lot of Hive SBI, go recruit others (and write a poem)! Spread the word, upvote and share this post to make it more visible, contact poet buddies on Discord and try to talk them into joining our group.

Just remember the rules:

  1. Comment on two other poems for every one that you post
  2. Make it a good comment (not just “great poem!”)
  3. If you offer criticism, keep it gentle and polite and remember the golden rule of criticism: say at least two positive things for every one thing you criticize.

Anyone caught breaking these rules will not be eligible for the reward.

I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s new poem in this next week.

(Note: If you’d like to donate anything for the contest, such as Hive Engine tokens or Hive, please get in touch with me. Look for me as dbooster#6252 on Discord.)

Calling all previous Blockchain Poets: @a-lass-wonders @aa9 @aamirwattoo @abisag @adriangamerxd @affiliatit1010 @agreste @akumagai @ambigenius @amnes14 @ange.nkuru @anj @anointingaz @ast3r @azabache2021 @blockchainbeth @cesarj21 @chinyerevivian @chrysanthemum @chyssom @cliffagreen @crypt0sph3ryst @d-pend @danmaruschak @dante31 @darkfemme @davidbright @deraaa @dibblers.dabs @diebitch @digitized89 @drwom @elementm @emmaba1 @emptyintentions @emrysjobber @enginewitty @evagavilan2 @evergreenfavour @fatma–27 @fibonacci2022 @forthefree19 @fredfettmeister @gatoguedexz @georgelumayag @gone-hive @greenie.girl @hamsterpoweriii @haraya @harryhandsome @harryq11 @hbelakon1975 @heartofdarkness @hermaryrc @hilbyguy @hitz75 @inthenow @ismelda2305 @itsostylish @itxilma @jacco25 @jakim7 @jane1289 @japhofin8or @jearyjoe @jerryzikko @jesuspsoto @jin-out @joalheal @johnbenn @johncarty859 @joseitosanchezs @josemalavem @justme4u @kaixin @kaysmile44 @kemmyb @kingobonnaya @kraken99 @latino.romano @lawrence27 @lecumberre @litguru @littlepiggies @ljus @lv99-rd-chocobo @lymepoet @maccazftw @martinlazizi @martthesquire @marydelmar70 @mavido @maylenasland @mbkumasi03 @mejs @mirilarbarr @missingnins @mistural @mundomanaure @murliwala @muthmainnah @myklovenotwar @myztiqakusuk @oldschoolzen @orthodoxnudism @oscarpower55 @overorlando @owasco @penyaircyber @peter32 @pregosauce @primestacks1 @rafa1272 @raj808 @rajiola @ramisey @rene.neverfound @repayme4568 @rikarivka @riverflows @sakura1012 @samsmith1971 @sarashew @schreib.hamster @sgarciacine @shiftrox @sisc @smilejerry @sp3ktraline @strivenword @tahminasyed @takeonrules @tasonia @technicalart @tedcipher @temitopemichael @tezmel @thecreativecasa @todayslight @trucklife-family @tuha.peut @unpoetaenamorado @veektur21 @viadelboss @vikbuddy @vision-of-esca @walkinverse @warpedpoetic @weone @witherbloom @yablonsky @yahia-lababidi @yen1503

(If you’d rather not be mentioned here, let me know)

All poets and poetry lovers are encouraged to join Blockchain Poets, a Hive community started by @moeknows and run by him and @dbooster.

Thank you all for submitting your wonderful work and reading. You rock!

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