Love Is A Lie

They told me love was a lie
I didnt really want to believe it
Almost thought I'd rather die
If i wasnt able to receive it
I had so many damn dreams
Thoughts of us really succeeding
Would of done anything by any means
But you left my heart broke & bleeding
Should of known better
The moment I got lost in your eyes
Those baby blues were the stormy weather
Greatest part of your disguise
Cant believe i loved you so much
Cause from the jump you showed me evil
But I couldnt help it I craved your touch
And its lovely just as it is lethal
You disconnect without a notice
And disappear without a trace
And even though your hearts the coldest
Next to you was my favorite place
I tried to show you love was real
Thought that I had the magic recipe
You were just too tripolar with how you feel
I just wanted to give you the best of me
Now were on different ends of the city
It makes me really feel I lost you for good
I remember Id joke like you dont even get me
Guess I was the one that never understood
Cause it fucks me up when I think
Who are you giving your time to today
How the hell did our love go extinct
Cause I seen this going such a different way
I guess Only fools fall in love
But you cant say that I didnt try
You will always be the one I dream of
Even though your Love was just a Lie273767922_1182168902316658_5525853316008056733_n.png

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