Your Weakness.

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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas A. Edison

Standing at the edge of the cliff,
I sighed and recalled all I had given,
Shaking my head and mumbling incoherently,
I sighed again with my eyes closed listening to the wind whizzing.

Moving an inch forward,
I stared down to see the way forward,
Move back! Screamed my positive thoughts,
Move forward! Echoed back my negative thoughts,
Holding my head with my palms I chased away all thoughts.

Silence reigned again,
Its presence brought memories that led to pain,
Screaming my guts out again and again,
I moved my feet to end the excruciating pain.

You see memories flash through your eyes before you die they say,
Billions of it came crashing down like rain,
Just a step forward again,
I find myself falling to end the pain.

Just then I felt a familiar grip on me,
I laughed because it is all a dream,
Steadily I lost my balance on the cliff,
Laughing maniacally that I am finally free,
Only to open my eyes to the sound of a heartbeat.

"If you want to be free, take me along with you",
I opened my eyes wider to find my beloved Yul,
With tons of tears glistening in his eyes,
" I need to end it because I am your weakness I whispered",
"Shaking his head he laughed beautifully, you have always been my strength".

When life tribulations arrive, we find ourselves on the cliff of life recalling all that has gone wrong regardless of how we put in our best. This breaks us apart and has pushed some to their doom while others rise from it.

During this time of struggle staying alone has pushed many into the pain of tiredness, of degrading themselves into nothingness.

Some have fallen into the trap of this pain and find every means to end it forgetting that life is not balanced.

Read my words as I say to you all, all that seems to be a weakness to you is a strength preparing you for a beautiful future. So do not fret and never forget We can never be happy at all times but we will be fine.

Rise from your fears and face your troubles with the hope that things will get better.

Thanks for reading.

Still yours truly,

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.

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