I Know - a Picture Poem

i know I am One True Self,
Yet often i wish to just be my (little) self.
I know you are a projection of mind.
i know you say that i am too kind.
There's still a feeling of separation, not One but two,
And still a desire to be with you.


i know that kindness can be perceived as weak,
And humility can be seen as meek.
i know that attraction is not a choice,
i know to speak tenderly with my voice.
Yet here i am, the illusory me,
Who wishes not to act to attract, but just to be free.


If i follow you around or hold on too tight,
Just remind me gently so my light shines bright.
Although you're now far away in a beautiful land,
i dream of you beside me holding my hand,
As we walk the world over in places full of love,
With stars reflecting sunshine in the sky above.


i know you are reflecting a beautiful me,
And i loved our time swimming in the sea.
It's time to stop writing this poem in rhyme,
And begin to go deeper without hiding in time.
i bid you adieu and send you big hugs,
And hope in your bed there are not any bugs :-)


Sat Nam

All images taken by me using Redmi Note 9 Plus

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