The Gardens of Olwyn


Dappled shade leaked through the canopy of the lush verdant greens of the garden. Tamari gathered her supplies, on to the next housekeeping job required by her masters. The garden was cool, but the air was damp and thick – sweat trickled down her back and her breath laboured under the stifling atmosphere. The great ferns required their misting, as well as their undergrowth tended to. Tamari was equipped with a rudimentary spray bottle, and a bucket full of gardening equipment: trowels and forks, as well as gloves and a machete for the more embedded weeds.

     Despite the constant hard work, she felt a sense of pride and determination when tending to the gardens. These were considered some of the most exquisite selections of plants across the whole of Eden, gathering rare and endangered cultivars together all in one place. The garden was made up of four distinct areas, for the major ecosystems found all across the globe. The one she was currently tending to was the rainforest biome, but just a few hundred metres in each cardinal direction you could find a savanna grassland, a deciduous forest, and a mishmash ecosystem made up of the favourite plants of Lady Olwyn.

     Lady Olwyn received gifts in the thousands for her maintenance of one of the wonders of the world, and her collection is under protection by a number of unaffiliated kingdoms and guilds, each resolute in their protection of the garden’s beauty.

     Tamari was just happy to have a chance to tend to such a marvellous space, but it certainly helped that hers was one of the most sought after and well compensated jobs in the gardening world.

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