Spring Bliss


A striking moment of serene peace enveloped Penelope. The past few weeks had been fraught with family drama, and this was the first time she had been afforded well needed respite from the chaos. Her family, the Frostmoors, had been trying to manoeuvre themselves into taking control of a small town outside of the city, by marrying off their youngest son, her brother, to the Melgrass family’s heir, Lady Priss.

     Their father had become power hungry in his old age, posturing to create a legacy for their family, in the hopes of being remembered for more than being a pawn of the McKinnons. Politics had never been Penelope’s strong suit, as the second oldest child she didn’t feel the need to worry about it. Their family owned little land, and most of their power was soft, derived from historical loyalty to the ruling class. She had been brought up with the manners and etiquette required to navigate stuffy upper-class parties but had gone to Triumph University to become an engineer.

     The cool spring air carried the smell of freshly bloomed flowers, acting as a soothing aromatherapy for Penelope’s migraines. Yesterday’s family dinner had erupted into debate and arguments, much like all the other dinners they’d had since the marriage arrangement, and Penelope had to suck it up and endure. Thankfully she returned to her home in the evening, and while enjoying a cup of tea in her garden this morning, the world looked a little brighter.

Today's prompt: family drama

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