Winners of the 2nd #ZapFicWeekend Challenge - #ZapFic99 (11-14 September 2020)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd ZapFic WEEKEND challenge!

The contest was a little different from the normal ZapFic challenge.

1. Time - you had only 60 hours to write and post your ZapFic

2. Links to posts - I asked you to post your links in the @ZapFic.Club discord server

3. Length of story

Zapfic99 = a story told in precisely 99 words (NO more NO less)


The prompt was a picture (not a word)

Photo taken by the wonderful @wales. Missed, not forgotten. source

The entries:

We had 9 entries!











Congratulations @akumagai, @kaerpediem, @deeanndmathews

You all win 2 Hive Power!

Screenshot 20200914 at 14.47.16.png

Runners Up!

I had said there would be 2 runners up prizes of 1 Hive Power each… But I have decided to award ALL the other 6 entrants the runner up prize of 1 Hive Power:

Congratulations to @miriannalis, @adncabrera, @justclickindiva, @brittandjosie, @marblely, @rokhani

Screenshot 20200914 at 14.53.33.png


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