The RESULTS of the First Ever #ZapFicWeekend Challenge!

It’s the results of the first-ever ZapFic WEEKEND challenge!

This was a bit different from the normal ZapFic challenge. The three main RULES you had to follow were:

1. Time

You had only 60 hours from publication of this post to write and post your response to the prompt

2. Links to posts

You must have posted the link to your post in the ZapFic.Club discord server

3. Length of story

The length of the story is different from a normal ZapFic (pay careful attention!)

Zapfic50 = a story told in precisely 50 words

You must have writen a story using precisely 50 words
(I will use to check each entry!).

Valid entries

There were 14 entires that followed all the rules (posted in time, precisely 50 words, posted the link in the ZapFic.Club Discord Server)















There were a further 6 stories that didn’t quite follow all the rules (not the right number of words, link not posted in discord server, or not posted in time)








And the WINNER of the First Ever #ZapFicWeekend Challenge is…


Congratulations @sevalo13!

I really liked the imagery and also the end was interesting - did the character forget the phobia or the question? - so it made you think about the story after you had finished reading it.


Screenshot 20200817 at 12.20.55.png

Thank you to everyone for helping to make this event so special!

I will be running the #ZapFicWeekend events on a semi-regular basis. Not every weekend but once, maybe twice, a month!

So stay tuned and join the ZapFic.Club Discord Server for advanced notice on when the next event will take place!

Don’t forget you can still enter Week 120’s #ZapFic contest


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