The 2nd #ZapFicWeekend Challenge... It's #ZapFic... but not as you know it. Get ready! It starts on Friday 11th September

Get Ready For The 2nd #ZapFic Weekend Challenge!

Starting at 5pm (UTC) Friday 11th September 2020 you will have 60 Hours to write a #MicroFiction Story with a specified number of words*

Prize pool...

8 Hive Power!

3 winners will win 2 Hive Staked Tokens (I will Power Up their accounts with 2 Hive)
2 runners up will win 1 Hive Staked Tokens (I will Power up their accounts with 1 Hive)

Plus Reblogs, Upvotes and Tweets from and Reblogs and Upvotes from the @ZapFic.Club

But what will be the challenge this weekend?*

*You'll have to wait to find out the details...

Starts Friday 11th September 2020 5pm - Ends Monday 14th September 2020 5am

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