The 1st EVER ZapficWeekendChallenge: a new MicroFiction challenge... just for the weekend!

It’s the first-ever ZapFic WEEKEND challenge!

This is a bit different from the normal ZapFic challenge in FIVE main ways.

1. Time

You have only 60 hours from publication of this post to write and post your response to the prompt

You have until 5am UTC on Monday 17th August. to post your Weekend ZapFic Challenge in Hive. Entries posted after this time will not be eligible for the awards, but may still get upvoted and reblogged.

You can post the Weekend ZapFic in any community (or to your blog) but if you post to the Freewriters Community you will be upvoted by the @Freewritehouse and the Freewriters Community Account as well as the @ZapFic.Club and @Felt.Buzz

2. Links to posts

You must post the link to your post in the ZapFic.Club discord server

Which means you must first join the ZapFic.Club discord server!

If you don’t post your link in the ZapFic.Club ZapFicWeekend Challenge Link channel by 6am UTC Monday 17th August 2020 your post can not be considered for the awards (you may still be upvoted and reblogged)

3. Length of story

The length of the story is different from a normal ZapFic (pay careful attention!)

This weekend I am challenging you to write a...

ZapFic50 story!


Zapfic50 = a story told in precisely 50 words

You must write a story using precisely 50 words
(I will use to check each entry!).

4. Awards

Each valid entry will be upvoted and reblogged by and and tweeted by Each valid entry will also receive a 0.10 Hive tip!

There will be only 1 winner who will be awarded 2 Hive-SBI shares. And a "I'm the First Ever #ZapFicWeekend Challenge Winner" banner

Other prizes may be awarded depending on the mood of the judge! 😆

5. The prompt…

not a word… but an image…

Photo taken by the wonderful @wales. Missed but not forgotten. source

The ZapFic Weekend Challenge is judged and awarded by His decision is final.

Good luck!

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I'm tagging the entrants in last week's ZapFic contest as you might be interested in taking part! If you don't want to be notified of future #ZapFicWeekend events let me know and I'll take you off the list!
@marblely, @adncabrera, @leslieebano, @lighteye, @patriciaurbaneja, @onyechi, @dwixer, @abkevwe, @johneyreacko, @lacrucita, @aguadz, @faith65, @stever82, @amandaj, @justclickindiva, @bold-n-italics, @deeanndmathews, @iyimoga


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