5 minutes freewrite with prompt- Hello boys

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"You're hurting me"
John cried aloud, hoping that someone would hear him if and come for his rescue, but none of his wishes came to pass.
He continued crying while the other boys bullied him.
After the hurtful event, he went straight to the principal's office to lay his complain. He boldly said all that was done to him, hoping that the principal would help him our as soon as possible, but the reverse was the case
The principal kept postponing his judgment from days to weeks and till the end of the term while John continues to be bullied by the same sect of hoodlums.
John, being less influential financially went straight to the most notorious clique in college, joined in order to gain dominance and revenge his bullies.
After a week of being a member of the clique, he opened the chapter of revenge on the bullies with his clique fully participating in it.
On the deal day, they delt with them so bad that one of them escaped to call the principal.
The principal being their 911 got to the scene asap, tried to put off the fire but was ignored.
"Hello boys"
He shouted, hoping that anyone would hear him if he did, but reverse was also the case compared to that of John.
He immediately dragged John to the wall, threatened every other person with suspension in order to stop the fight.
As both parties where called for judgement, John revisited his earlier reported case which they ignored, attributed it to his retaliation.
John hoped for fair hearing, but was so unfortunate to bag 2 weeks suspension for fighting the son of the Senate president.
This life is not balance for the average citizen.

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