Reflection on covid-19 let's value life more highly



Hello dear friends of this beautiful Hive Blog platform, today I wanted to share with you a reflection on my life because of the COVID-19 VIRUS.

Truly, sometimes we do not give the importance they deserve to some issues and situations, but in short, there is a very popular saying that NOBODY BITES FOR AN OUTRAGEOUS HEAD.

Today I have been able to testify that this disease is not a game, that in the blink of an eye your life and those of your family members can be involved in major health problems and sometimes with only one way out, death siiii friends death because of our stubbornness or foolishness as we want to call it.

Because of my stubbornness and bad care I have been infected by this horrendous virus covid-19, or perhaps by an oversight I will never know, I am submerged in the solitude of my room, unable to give a big kiss and a big hug to my husband and daughter, with the firm hope in God that soon this storm will pass and only memories will remain of it.

Since my confinement I have been able to meditate on many things, among them the value of life, it is worthless to kill yourself to have the material things in order, if there is a family that is more and more distant from your reach and the family which is the center and the happiness of our lives.

Finally, dear readers, as we all know, the covid-19 virus is the disease that is in fashion, running over women, men and children, whites, blacks, poor and rich, regardless of social, economic or religious background.

I therefore invite you to reflect a little more on the causes and consequences of this disease.

Give our children talks about the proper care that should be maintained. Among them, the correct use of a mask, the use of antibacterial gel or alcohol.



Not to accept or share drinks from the same glass with anyone and even more so if they are strangers, and of course, we as adults and thinking people should have a clearer and more concise criterion about what this terrible disease is about.

I bid you farewell but not before asking you to value our lives because at the same time we care for and value the lives of others. Get vaccinated and become stronger against this deadly virus, let's protect our elders, youth and children.

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