The daughter Of Sango ( The god Of Thunder)

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Obatala was the fiercest King that ever ruled in the kingdom of the Egungun. He was feared by his enemies but loved by his subjects who never failed to pay him homage, especially after his many exploits on the battlefield. It was only his subjects and his benefactors who understood the kindness in his heart. His wife and queen, 'Omo Iya' knew how much her husband loved her despite her inability to give him a son and an heir. She worried that her husband would one day take another wife because of her barrenness and this made her sad. And though the King continued to assure her of his undying love, she wasn't satisfied, he was a king after all and would need someone to sit on the throne after he joined his ancestors.

One Oracle after the other, one Native Doctor after the other, one sacrifice after the other and it seemed there was no solution in sight. 'Omo Iya' remained barren. Then one day, on her way to the market with her maidens, she was halted by an old sorceress. It is believed that she is ageless and lived in the deep bowels of the forest. But only once in awhile, either when there's trouble or celebration in the land, she would present herself to the villagers.

'Omo Iya, the beautiful queen of King Obatala I greet you'. The queen was startled by the salutation from such a wizened old woman until realization dawned on her that this was 'Une', the ageless, with mysterious powers. She then fell on her knees and held onto her long gown.

"Please great one, I need your help, I have done everything for a child but all to no avail", she continued sobbing at her feet.
Then she was lifted by the old woman who soothingly consoled her.

"That's why I am here, to give you the good news. Your sacrifices and dedication inspite of your plight has granted you favour before Sango, the god of thunder. You will have a daughter who will sit on the throne when the King has joined his ancestors, she is the daughter of the great god Sango. She is not to be trifled with but will bestow prosperity upon the land and terror upon the enemies, of which has not been witnessed for centuries." With these words, the old sorceress disappeared from view but the queen went back to the palace, rejoicing.

Months later, Oya was born, so beautiful, fairer than any. Sango had fulfilled his promise and the Royal household was so grateful.

Oya grew up to become the princess of Sango, she could roll the lightning in her hands, she could send the thunder to any enemy who dared to cross her path or try to hurt her people, in times of delay of rainfall, she would use her powers to bring rain to the land. The land of Egungun became very prosperous and was revered by all far and wide.
Oya was both a warrior and a kind ruler. On His sick bed, King Obatala had lived fulfilled knowing that he had a worthy heiress who would ascend the throne and rule the people with kindness and bravery.

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