Fairy Godmother

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Leo was an orphan who once lived in a faraway land. He lost his parents in a fire incident in their home when he was just four years old. Though his parents died, Leo survived because his mother had thrown him out through the small bathroom window before the inferno engulfed the whole building, trapping both man and wife. It was a black Monday in the history of that community and many never quite got over it. Leo's parents were well loved and little Leo being a splitting image of his father, was a constant reminder of the tragedy that took his parents away.

So at age four, he had gone to live with his only surviving relative, Uncle Michael, his father's brother.
Uncle Michael treated him well at first but as soon as they gave birth to his nephew, Cosmos, his attitude changed towards him, he saw Leo as nothing more than a burden and a nuisance and an extra mouth to feed, from their very lean resources.

He made Leo work so hard and do menial jobs for money and yet he starved him all the time and refused to send him to school. The community tried to call Uncle Michael to order severally but he continued treating Leo with much cruelty and neglect.

When Leo was twelve years old, Cosmos was eight and already enrolled in school. He would watch his little nephew in his impeccably ironed pinafore uniform with admiration as his parents walked him to school every morning.

"I wish I could go to school", he muttered to himself as he took his weeding tools to work on their neighbour's farmland. He would toil and return in the evening, only to be served scraps barely enough to sustain him. He tried complaining to his uncle and his wife but they both paid deaf ears to him.

Leo tried all he could to please his uncle and wife but his efforts were only met with disdain.

One day, he woke up in the morning feeling too weak to get up. He was too hungry too as he hadn't eaten any good food since Lisa left. Lisa was the only daughter of their neighbour, she was his friend who smuggled food to him, secretly, from her mother's kitchen. She was only eleven but very kind, she was the reason he hadn't died of hunger. It was a well protected secret between the both of them and now she has gone to college and won't be back for months. He couldn't complain and he had a farmland to work on. He staggered into the barn to take his tools as Cosmos was being prepared for school. His stomach growled as he perceived the meal being prepared for his school lunch. He was feeling dizzy but he had to work for him to be able to get the crumbs he was fed with, by Uncle Michael and his wife.
Leo's feet could not carry him any further as everything around him kept on rotating in circles, suddenly he slumped and lost consciousness.

He was dead, he can't be alive and in a place as beautiful as this place. This must be the heaven so talked about. Yes, he died and is now in heaven, he just wished to catch a glimpse of his parents, just this one more time. He was lying on a very soft bed made with white linens, everywhere was spotless and well furnished. He got up and tiptoed into the next room, well furnished with mahogany and silken curtains, there was a very big TV screen on the wall. He was walking towards it when he was startled by the sweetest voice he had ever heard, not sweeter than mother's though.
When he swirled around, he saw a vision of perfection standing right before him, smiling.

"I am Elysia, your Fairy godmother from now on, child you have suffered and cried enough, I won't let you anymore", she said sadly as she lovingly stroke his face.

Her attire befit her status as a fairy, her silken gown shimmered in the light, adorned with intricate embroidery, a big crown made of gemstones with tiny purple precious stones. She was just shimmering from head to toe.

*Is this heaven? Am I dead? Leo asked still in awe of everything that was happening.

"No Leo, you are not dead, but your life is a new one going forward, I am going to make you very rich, beyond your wildest dreams but you must show kindness to everyone you come across, do you understand? She opened Leo's hands and put something very solid on it.

"I don't want to go back there, I want to remain here, I want to remain dead, please Fairy godmother", he was almost hysterical at this point.

"I am with you from now on, you have in your hand, a piece of diamond, sell it and fulfil all your fantasies, go to school, build yourself a house, help the poor. I will be watching over you like I promised", her smile was so gentle, almost like his mother's and somehow he felt everything was gonna be okay. He smiled back as she touched him with her scepter.

"Leo, get up! get up!! What do you think you are doing, sleeping like this when you are supposed to be working out there in the fields", Uncle Michael was ready to commit murder by the look on his face as he roughly shook Leo.

"It was all a dream", Leo whispered sadly as he sobered up. He slowly rose up as his Uncle rained insults on him, then he felt something heavy in his pocket.

All alone, Leo brought out the'something' from his pocket, it was the diamond piece from his dream.

Realization dawned on him and he smiled.

"It was no dream afterall", and he roared into laughter.

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