Two Demons On The Run?




"I don't know where we're going. But we blew up a house, and it's all been recorded. We can't stay."

The demon possessed child and puppy walked into the busier part of their little corner of the world. A little strip mall, about two miles from home.

Before they came into view of the building, Don took out a bottle of black hair dye, which he had snagged from the master bathroom before leaving. He gave Taspirin a few distinctive black markings. Two around the eyes, and a splotch on his left side. He ran some through his own light brown hair too.

Nobody was around, except for a man in a red shirt, using a cell phone. He seemed too absorbed in the screen to notice anything.

"Let's go around the back, and see if we can find ourselves a ride."


A large semi was being unloaded. "Well! How lucky can we be? Let's get closer. When they finish, we can hide in the back." Don whispered to Taspirin.

Both were grinning from ear to ear. Taspirin wagged his tail in reply, eyes glowing like red coals.

Positioning themselves behind a dumpster when the truckers were inside with a load, they had a perfect view of the interior.

"One more load then we're good to go, Zach! I can't wait to get home."

"I wish I could say the same, Terry."

"I know... It will get easier in time though."

Once the two men went inside, Don and Taspirin quickly ran into the storage area of the semi. Hiding in the shadows, they were nearly invisible.

When the door rattled shut, Don breathed a sigh of relief. The two settled in, and soon felt the gentle rhythm of the open road.

Meanwhile, the parents of the child possessed by Belazarkin, now known as Don, were at the hospital. Their youngest son, Greg, was still undergoing tests.

"Dad, I can't prove it. But I know what I heard."

"Alright, I won't say anything to him." Dad promised yet again. They had been advised to keep him calm, at all costs. And Greg had come close to panic at the mere thought of seeing Don.

Buzzzzzz Buzzzzzz Buzzzzzz

"Sorry, I have a phone call. Mom will be here in a few minutes. She just went to the cafeteria for a donut."

"I'll be fine, Dad. I hope it's not work. I really want you to stay."

"I'm not going anywhere, no matter what." he reassured his frail looking son.

"Hello, is this Mr. Reynolds? The father of Donald Reynolds?"

"Yes. Is this John's father? Is everything okay?"

"No Sir, this is Sergeant Waverly. We have footage of your son, Donald. He is a suspect in the explosion which occurred several houses away from your residence. We have an undercover officer tailing him. He has already fled the area, and attempted to change his appearance."

Casey Reynolds almost toppled over in shock. Greg hadn't been mistaken after all. Don needed help - serious help.

"Officer, thank you for contacting me. Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes if he calls you, please let us know immediately."

Mr. Reynolds quickly got in the car, and went home. He was desperately hoping that the officer would be wrong.

"Why didn't I get John's phone number..." he muttered regretfully. Surely he would be able to find the house, though. Or they might even be home. Don had the latest JumboBox console, which he had received for Christmas last year. It was entirely possible that they were busy playing Mass Murder, Don's favorite game.

When Mr. Reynolds arrived, he rushed to the front door. When he opened it, the strong scent of gas greeted him...

Remembering what the officer had said, he immediately called the fire department. Then drove his car half a block away. This was starting to feel all too real.

The man with the red shirt carefully pretended to ignore the boy, who was using something to make his puppy appear to have black markings, and himself black hair. Maybe hair dye? Using his phone, he was able to secretly watch and record the whole thing. When they went on, he followed in his blue Dodge RAM.

He watched them from a distance, witnessing the entire stowaway scene. Taking note of the license plate of the truck they entered, he contacted Sergeant Waverly.

"Shouldn't we just bring him in, Sir?"

"Not yet. I don't want him slipping through the system. He could always claim that he was playing, and didn't know what he was doing. Just don't lose him."

"Yes, Sir."

He never let the semi out of his sight. Hour after hour he followed it, making sure that the two stowaways didn't get out without his knowledge.

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