Meeting The New Neighbor

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The lady was obviously looking for something. The hair on my neck stood up. Could she be looking for the coin?

I smiled back and waved, then walked on. I had learned my lesson. No more being curious! I will just mind my own business from now on.

Reaching my home, I decided that I wanted to go out for ice cream. There is this awesome ice cream parlor which is a historical landmark. They were advertising free sundaes today. This day 100 years ago, the President of the United States had visited the place. They were making a big deal out of it to advertise the shop.

Leaving a note on the fridge, I got my bike and left. It felt good to do something normal. Maybe I should call a few of my friends tomorrow, we could hang out like we always had before I met Mr. and Mrs. Harris.

It was almost dark when I got back home. Supper time. After I ate, I went to my room and checked. The coin was still just sitting there, not showing any signs of its true power. I sighed. Maybe it wasn't the coin at all which opened the portals. It could have been the elderly couple.

Should I just sell it, and take my pick of universities? Could I live with myself if I later found out it had been used for evil?

No, I had to make sure nobody else got hurt... But oh, how I wished I could take the old shopkeeper's offer! I would be rid of the responsibility, and have fifty thousand dollars for my education and other needs!

Several days later I saw the same beautiful lady walking around the block. I turned to go in the opposite direction. She followed. I sped up, then slowed down. She kept a respectful distance from me, but I couldn't lose her. I was being followed!

Finally I stopped. She stopped too. Then she reluctantly approached. "Hello, I think I saw you on the day I moved in. You were looking at the house before you noticed me. Did you know the former occupants?" She then checked something on her phone.

"No, ma'am. I met them a few times, but I can't say that I knew them."

She stood thinking, then came to a decision. "They left something rather important behind. It is small but it means a lot to the family. My family. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ella Harris. Your former neighbors are my parents.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels and edited by me

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