A Dying Body Chronicles 26: what God has made

Deep night wandering salesman enters
the bodies of light the sky has brought the table
there's journey their soulless eyes
there's madness their pitted gaze
he drinks nectar their dead skin
the distant horror bitter their foreskin
he offers his soul for their story
to know how far their tragedy is
& what they sacrificed the gods of wonder to get there
they have no voice just violence sutured to their bones
what universe made you
what god broke you
the sky drags this barter back the body of night
afraid of the salesman's thirst
& pins them the lapels of black breeze
the salesman hounds them with his glitter & shine
his bottled seas & empty deserts
the moon hungry to taste salt
the bottled lip confesses the oldest crime
they are not real sir just memories
of a hunger to see what God has made
the salesman drags body back
in screeching distance of feet & peeling skin
he looks back at the desolation left behind
& he wonders what did the stars want
to see so bad they died sending their light here
what did they find in that ancient time
the moon drunk on oil spills
& choking on plastic trash
whispers from her dying
death sir they found death & you in foreplay
the wandering salesman gathers his body
a prayer & weeps


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