Traveling Through Autumn

Today I traveled to the ladies church conference at our church, driving an hour on the interstate through a beautiful panorama of fall leaves in Northwestern Pennsylvania. So focused when I left home on stopping half way there at a gas station to grab something to eat on the way to Erie i just drove. Somewhere after I pulled off of the side roads I was struck with the magnificent scenery on the roadside. The awareness of the gorgeous foliage is bittersweet because in a few weeks these same trees will be bare bones reaching to heaven and, sooner than I can turn my head, snow will gather on those same limbs.

The conference was a wonderful time of connecting with other women and encouraging one another. The post covid world is rife with stories of loss and spiritual challenges with growth. God is good!

The men of the church served boxed lunches to the ladies; each box containing a roast beef sandwich, Lay's potato chips a chocolate chip cookie and a delicious, cranberry pecan side salad.

The conference drew a large crowd of approximately 200 ladies from surrounding area churches, including churches as far into New York state just North of Buffalo.

My drive home consisted of more visual saturation as the miles flew by. Knowing how fleeting the leaves are on the trees, plus the bonus of the sunshine today on a crisp October day, the situation was ideal. I listened to an audio book part of the journey home and I was reminded of what I used to enjoy when driving to and from work prior to being sent home to work during the pandemic. I never went back to the Erie office and only one representative did. Somethings just change. I think everyone will agree they changed in some manner surviving the pandemic.

Do you live in an area where you experience four seasons? What is your favorite season?

Thank you for reading!

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