The Train Track Out Back

Moving to Fairview was a big adjustment for me. Before living in Fairview next to Grandma and Grandpa, we lived in the country with no neighbors nearby. For an elementary school child, it was lonely. I had my brother, parents, and pets. Neighbors were miles down the long dirt road. We were surrounded by wood and field. If I crossed the street, I was in Ohio. We lived in Pennsylvania in a town called Conneautville. Most of the kids went to schools in Ohio. I developed an active imagination.

Dad's job changed, and we packed everything up from our three bedroom house and moved into a small trailer next to Dad's parents. At first , it was hard to sleep. We lived across the field from a busy railway. The rhythmic clickety clack kept me lying awake, staring at the wood cupboard above my fold-down cot in the hallway between the kitchen and bathroom. It is amazing how the human body can adapt to change because eventually, the clickety clack and train whistles went unnoticed.

This is my five minute freewrite
using prompt clickety clack by @mariannewest

Thank you for reading!

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