The Rich and the Richer


Some of the richest people I know own next to nothing. It boils down to what do you value? I'm not rich in worldly possessions, but I have enough; enough food, enough clothes, enough of a roof over my head. I can say we have money in the bank, a job and a vehicle, but what good would all this be to me if today the doctor informed me that I, or my husband or child had stage 4 cancer?

Suddenly, what I may have been saving up for, or waiting to achieve, will shift and I'd happily sell the things I own to purchase that health back.

I'm rich with love from family and friends. I count myself blessed to have a wonderful support group and some of the best people I could ask for standing by me.

Are you struggling to get rich believing happiness will show up when your bank account registers a certain sum? Will you achieve your best life when you reach a set goal?

Happiness begins in the heart.

This is my five
minute freewrite using prompt richest people hosted by @mariannewest.

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