Small Investments - Future Business

I dropped a dollar into the can that the little redheaded boy held up to me that had the word Donation scribbled on its side.

"I wish you all the success for your future business!" I said.

"Thank you, ma'am!"

He helped himself to one of the cookies from the makeshift table.

Another car pulled up and an elderly man walked slowly to the table. The sign said $1 per cookie.

"Hello, young man, do you want another customer?"

"Oh, yes, sir!"

The man looked for the cookies. On the table sat a plate with one lone cookie, with a bite out of it.

"Is there another plate of cookies?"

The little boy looked down and blushed.

"No, sir. I am out of inventory today."

The old man smiled gently and handed the young man a wrinkled dollar bill.

"I'll invest in your budding business. I'll be back again one day. I wish you luck!"

"Thank you, sir! I'm an official businessman now that I have my first investor! I won't let you down!"

This is my five-minute freewrite
using prompt future business by @mariannewest

Thank you for reading 📚.

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