Out of the Wilderness

img_0.9273149744293366.jpg the cold woods outside my window on a winter day

For years I lived in a relationship wasteland. Marriage
at a young age almost always promises to bring with it problems. My teenage marriage was a textbook case of all that's wrong with young marriage. I made a mistake then compounded it by making a second mistake.

Times were different in the early 80s and teen pregnancy was not universally accepted like it is nowadays. I found myself with child my senior year of high school. We talked to my parents and the father of the baby's parents. My Mother was devastated, but agreed to the wedding. My Father was disappointed and only paid for the wedding cake. My future mother-in-law planned and paid for the rest of our wedding. The wedding was performed at the local Justice of the Peace. Mom collapsed during the service. I look back at that day as though it were a dream. A dream where I began a wilderness trek of survival of the fittest. The story is too long to bore the reader with all its gory details, but the end of the story was good that followed many years of starvation of an emotional and spiritual persuasion.

The path to the next phase of life may be fraught with struggle and pain, but when hope dwells in the heart there will always be a way to a better tomorrow. I was blessed with this kind of Hope and rewarded by never completely losing site of God's promise for a better tomorrow regardless of how dark the present appeared.

Wherever you are, don't stop believing in hope and God will hear when you're ready to call.

This is my five
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