Never Beyond Emotion

I don't think I have lived a day with no feeling. Everything sparks an emotional response. I can't be accused of wearing my heart on my sleeve, and I seldom cry or allow what's inside out, but I feel deeply. They have a word for this type of personality. Empath. I shy away from the magical sense of the word and I attribute this ability to a God-given spiritual gift.

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Perhaps, it's just because I'm human. I can't truly say why, but I read others' emotions exceptionally well, so I'm told. I see the good in those around me and often can see through their social masks into the protection layer covering the hurt.

Everyone carries hurts. Many carry heart holes that they self-medicate from feeling. Drugs and alcohol are cheap emotion suppressors. The work of opening your heart to feel negative emotions is much more costly medicine, but without the acknowledgment of the deep anguish of loss, or betrayal of any form what will exist is a heart cold and lacking. If you close yourself off from feeling the pain, if you try erecting barriers to ward off the potential to hurt, you will also forfeit the ability to feel joy.

I have chosen a road of acceptance and it has borne a path from tears to joy.

This is my five-minute freewrite
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Today marks a momentous day in history!
@mariannewest posted the 2000th freewrite prompt. Midnight is about to strike. I didn’t want to fail to commemorate someone who helps soo many writers believe in themselves by sharing how freewriting can, and has helped writers like me develop real skills. A heart-felt thank you to You @mariannewest.

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