Some people are fryers, some are scramblers, some are boilers and some are poachers. It's all about personal preference. I'm more a boiler than a fryer, but I will eat scramble. It doesn't matter which preference you have, in the end, it all serves the same purpose. We eat eggs for protein. Eggs are high on the news discussion with poultry and egg prices skyrocketing all across the USA. It costs around $5.16 for a dozen eggs in our zip code.

Poultry costs are rising, too. You can get raw chicken breast for $3-$5 a pound. If you desire organic, be ready to pay a lot more.

There is also mysterious coincidence occurring among chicken farmers who are remarking that their chickens are not laying eggs as reported yesterday by Tucker Carlson on YouTube. The farmers are advising on social media such as TicTok that low egg production has something to do with the commercial chicken feed that they have been feeding to their hens. One farmer began purchasing local chicken feed and she said the problem quickly resolved itself.

What do you think? Is this a mere coincidence?

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