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I've never seen a ball winder before googling one today. (I demoted google to lowercase letters for my reasons I won't expound on in this post)

I discovered that there are probably as many types of ball winders as there are car models. I did a simple image search. Wow! These winders range from cheap and single-person use to fancy(commercial) use, and for everyone in between.

Immediately, I thought of a ball of twine, Jeff purchased hiding in the junk drawer. It was wound by the commercial ball winder version.

Secondly, the winders resurrected memories of my paternal Grandmother, Vera. I saw the bags of yarn by her chair that she used to knit and crochet with. She would have benefited greatly from a ball winder. In those bags and boxes of yarn, often yarn became tangled.

I remember fondly the many pair of winter mittens I received as a child, often, one thumb on one hand, was slightly longer than the other.

I wish I'd appreciated those things as a young child, but I just didn't. Fortunately, I grew close to her after Grandpa died. She was in the same nursing home he spent his last year living in. I began visiting every Sunday between church services. She had slipped into dementia or normal forgetfulness, but I was able to see her past in many conversations and we grew close before she passed away.

It's funny how an item triggers memories this way. A ball winder I'd never seen before brought back to life a Gramma who loved much.

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