Trust is a big part of misinformation.
How could you do this to me?
I watched you while you painted the wall
Lost were those positive vibes, it's too long ago
My 5 scenarios are all
about how... to leave, get rid of you now.
I tried to record them one by one
The way we met, your good deeds, what you did for me and how.
But it's like losing a ping-pong match, I'm done.
The paint you use is green
A kind of green I've never seen
It has a bit in common with those green beans I hate and you love.
I wish someone had or could explain the rules of how to keep crazy about you.
I tried so hard. For me, for you but you are not the one.
"Ready", you said satisfied while looking at the wall.
"Pack your bag I give you 30 minutes that's all
I can do for you."
Your words took me by surprise how did you know?
You kicking me out wasn't in my scenario.
"Twenty-five minutes left", you said while you opened the window.
All I knew while I watched you falling was that you are so fake.
I didn't deserve this heartbreak.


This is my entry to the weekendfreewrite of Saturday July 31, 2021. A daily 5 minute freewrite. The prompts are provided by @mariannewest and written in bold.

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