I don't need it. I do not believe people who have breakfast are more productive than those who don't have breakfast at all. Generally speaking, most people eat too much. Together we are overweight more overweight than we dare to admit. The main reason is fast food, factory food prepared with chemicals, vegetables and fruits with a changed DNA. It's easy to blame our fat bones or the one who offers us food but the truth is we eat to eat. If you eat out of habit, boredom, sadness instead when you are hungry you can only blame yourself.
The easiest way to lose weight is to stop buying fast food, pizza, pasta, bread, candies, cookies, sodas and alcohol. Those heavy bones you created yourself. It's what happens if your skeleton cannot lift all that extra weight.
I am not saying people are not allowed to eat what and as much they like but if this is the case be responsible for your bad health, the side effects of overweight too.

If you can hardly walk, breathe, your stomach hurts and you have diabetics, a high blood pressure and heart issues you should live with that and not make this someone else's responsibility.
Take that hospital bed if you want to live longer to continue your lifestyle it's fine with me. All I ask for is not forcing me to eat when I don't feel to it and please, stop blaming me for your terrible health and the lack of a free hospital beds.
Know there are plenty of people willing to help but it's your task to ask them. With motivation and the right help it is possible to climb mountains and live a more healthy life free of doctors and medication.


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