Waste of time - a #weekendfreewrite

Do you know what happens at 10 if you leave to work? I stay home. I am alone and... I love it.
I stretch myself out and decide not to go out... yet.

Why should I do what you do? Show medicine cards if I drive to my job, at the musea, to pay for an expensive glass of coke? A lemonade that expired its validation date? I enjoy my home, the garden and balcony alone.

Restrictions, threats, requirements don't involve me. I always been an introvert, self-providing, know my needs. Emotions don't rule me.
It's clear the atmosphere is polarized into two

Ideological positions

Let's dive into the deep background.
No one likes to invest fifteen minutes to figure it all out
And I? To be honest I don't care. Life should be lived.

Life is not about keeping everyone alive which is clear.
Children are killed, shot down. Chicago is a violent town.
Germany is back in 1933... I see...

I put the paper down and grab a mug. It's tea-time.
Sorry media life goes on. I have better things to do than wasting my time reading what the paparazzi wrote.
Obviously, the week behind us was bad and the only one I can blame for that
is you.


On Saturdays, it's time for the weekendfreewrite!

Underneath the prompts of last week!

  • What happens at 10?
  • Medicine cards
  • Requirements
  • Polarized
  • Deep background
  • Grab a mug

You know what to do.

• Pick a prompt or use them all

• Set a timer to 5 minutes or use the Most Dangerous Writing App

• Write without stopping.

• Fix what you feel like fixing

• Publish your #weekendfreewrite

• Leave a link in the comments of this post and I will upvote you!

Picture and prompts are provided by @mariannewest

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