If you don't need the requirements there's no need to respond the advertisement said. It's against the rules to set all those requirement, ask for a certain gender.

I met them, each one of them and next to that I is good at my work, no 9 to 5 attitude plus I have experience. Not if it comes to the field but how hard can it be to pick up the phone? It was what I already did and had to do long before the answering machine was invented.

I wrote a letter and added my CV, didn't share all my experiences to scare them away or make them believe I am too restless to stay longer than a week.

The interview didn't take long. Let's say the decision was made at the first sight. The chitchat that followed was a waste of time. My time.

"Sorry, you do not meet the requirements", the guy in uniform said. Too educated, my Dutch is too good and of course, this time the colour of my skin isn't dark enough. He made it clear. If you want a job you need to be dumb, make them feel good about themselves because they did something good for the single mother, the unwanted foreigner who missed all chances like being integrated to start with.

I left. Found a better job next door. A place where they hired me for my knowledge and appreciated my hard work. A place that didn't get paid by the state because they hire a foreigner, a second-generation emigrant like the job centre liked to register me after they explained why.

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