Giving away power

I give nothing away. I don't see any point in doing so. I want to be independent and will be as long as possible.
I do delegate a bit more than I did. I do this for me but also to teach something. If you never let others deal with issues, solve things they will never have the experience. Doing it yourself means figuring it out, partly doing it your way too. With some luck you are not even responsible for your deeds.

My children are not responsible as long as I am around. Politicians especially prime ministers are rarely responsible. Rutte is a great example of how to let others do your dirty job. De Jonge is a good example too. Both seem to take care of each other but if it comes to it they will try to cut off their right hand to not go down under with their collegae.
Some say it wasn't smart giving away the poer, the key of the country to a virologist. I doubt these two did. The virologist will be the scapegoat if something goes wrong. For now he became someone instead of the nobody he once was. It's not that people listen to him but he distracts which helps while the duo of men who officially are not chosen by the nation reign on and get very well paid.

Let's see which one of these three men will leave first. The virolgist, the ex PM or the dandy who plays for minister of Health.


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