To me attraction is fatal. Once people feel attracted to someone or something it makes them blind to what's really going on. Attraction makes it hard to use common sense, to question what it is all about. It's so much easier to cling to an old story, repeat the same phrases over and over again even if it hurts. Not because masochism is the biggest kick but dealing with the fear that eats you is harder if you have a lack of courage.

If five to ten healthy people die to make one person live a few months longer all sacrifices are worth it. At least that is what they say. After all, what is fatal to others doesn't count if it doesn't affect us. Those extra corpses don't count not to us. That's how life is. We sit, complain, let others fight our battle and care about ourselves.

Safety... We long for it, want it and are willing to pay a high price for it. Onisciente is a Netflix series that gives me the creeps. I do understand how it came that far why people put their trust in a high tech company that avoids crime (at least that's what they pretend). The entire life of the citizens is in hands of the System. A system that turns out not to be perfect or fair. Onisciente is a world similar to what is shown in every film/series about the future, where robots are involved and "watch" over you. The black mirror, Real Humans, Better than us, The final cut and even all those animations that prepare children for a life with robots. A life where bots decide for you, about your life although it's suggested they are our little helpers.

Is giving up on freedom attractive if you "cannot be harmed"? Is life better if nothing bad can happen to you and everything is predictable? It's suggested this is the case. We already have so many insurances, rules, laws, safety instructions, back doors, black boxes, social security, phone numbers in case of emergencies, anonymous calling numbers, police, guards, cams and so on all with the idea to keep us safe.

Of course, living life entirely safely is far from reality. Each life comes with risks. Birth is the first one and many more will come on the path through life.

If you experience hard times, dark periods know you are not the only one. Know that you can reach out to someone and if not there can reach someone out to you. Know that sleep heals but also that too much sleep (time in bed) makes one feel depressed and sucks all energy out of you.

Most accidents happen at home. If it comes to women most of them are killed at home. The lockdowns killed many even with television, internet, chatting bots. Life inside affects the natural immune system. Lack of vitamins, fresh air, exercise, connection to other people.

How attractive is it to live in a world where a drone follows and watches you? What happens if humans are always forced to behave good and are not allowed to show emotions? What if feelings can not be expressed? Sounds to me this is fatal for the health of entire communities. In long term, it won't do health or behaviour any good.


It sounds so attractive: that luxury smart tv, watch, fridge, vacuum cleaner. Wouldn't it be great to have a robot for a pet or as a servant? A robot can be our best friend or even partner. One word and the pizza is delivered, a cab called, the house is cleaned and the shopping is done but what if the System isn't almighty but a person is? What if privacy and safety don't go hand in hand? What if we live life mainly online? All our contacts are on the blockchain, our money is. What if that 1% population owns everything and switches the power off?

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