"What does history tells us," the teacher asked.
No one responded. It's not said every mind was blank or the students had a lack of an opinion of their own but they knew the only right answer was the answer the teacher liked to hear.

Christian was one of them and smart enough to understand it was not about history, not about understanding the past but about saying what was accepted to be the right answer.
From an early age on history told him a lot, showed him many ways and he even had walked the roads in earlier lives. He had been there, had been part of the struggle for freedom, equal rights for all. He had fought wars, lost fights and won combat but the essence of life had never changed.


The signs were present always had been and even given, spoken out loud but humankind ignored them. No one learned from history. Those few who did were no longer able to. After the Big Reset, The New World had rewritten it, changed the facts. If it came to learning no one would learn anything out of a history made up.
He kept his head down and pretended he studied the text in his book. The best way to be unnoticed by a teacher who was a bit too excited to brainwash the next generation.
He looked up and stared at the teacher.
"Nothing," he said while he closed his book, "present, future and past are the same which means history doesn't exist."
He turned around to face the students behind him. Noticed their scared faces.
"Don't worry his story is made up."

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