ZapFic50Monday - agency

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Here's my post in 50 words. šŸ˜€

We negotiate annual salaries every year when we work for the company.
In some cases, the president does not negotiate salaries and does as he pleases.
I'm timid and introverted, so it's really hard to negotiate my salary.
I wish there was an agency for me to do salary negotiations.

My diary

I have a reading marathon at Songchon Library near my house.
You have to read 25 books and write a reading note by October 31.
And if you submit a reading note, you will get a completion certificate and a 20,000 won gift certificate.

I applied and got a reading note.
Please support us in the comments so that we can complete the reading marathon. šŸ˜€

āœ…Novel List of @veryhappyday

šŸ‘‰ Story Bookstore of @veryhappyday šŸŽ

Thanks to , @Zapfic.Club for leading the 50-word ZapFic challenge.
Thanks to @itsostylish for sponsoring.

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