The Greedy Empress

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✅ what i see

I see a beautiful woman dressed in colorful jewelry.
She has long hair, and you can see planets and buildings behind her.
She has blue eyes.

✅ what i feel

She seems to be the empress who rules this planet.
She loves jewelry and likes to decorate with it.
Perhaps it is her magical powers that allow her to stay young.

✅ story

Far away from Earth, there existed a twin planet.
On one planet, there was an empress, magic was advanced, and there were many pointed towers.
The Empress was very old, but by the power of magic she stayed young.
She loved colorful jewelry and liked to decorate herself with gems.

The Empress had blue eyes, and everyone obeyed her unconditionally when they looked into her eyes.
This is because jewelry contains magical energy, which gives her power.
The powerful magical energy provided by the jewelry allowed her to use magic to make others obey her.

She was greedy and wanted to rule over the other planets in the sky.
She sent diplomatic missions to invite them.
The envoys from the other planets saw an empress adorned in colorful jewelry.
She wore jewelry with magical energy to greet the envoys, to make them obey her.

When the envoys looked into the beautiful eyes of the Empress, they were captivated by a magic so powerful that they obeyed her.
The envoys returned to their home planets with praise and friendly messages about her.

The emperor heard their story and decided to invite her to visit.
However, the crown prince sensed that the envoy's behavior was odd and thought she should be watched.

Soon afterward, the emperor met an empress from another planet.
When he saw her eyes, adorned with colorful jewels, he fell under her spell.
The Empress looked into the Crown Prince's eyes and tried to bewitch him into submission.

But the crown prince had eyes of truth, and he saw the mesmerizing magic radiating from her eyes.
And he realized that the jewel was the source of the magic's power.

He closed his eyes, and his eyes of truth opened to see the world around him.

He raised his sword and attacked her.
The Empress tried to turn the tables with her enchanted people, but it didn't work.
She realized that her magic was not working on him.
The crown prince destroyed her jewel, the source of her power, once and for all.

The Empress fled to her planet.

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