Goddess of lightning and thunder


✅ what i see
The woman stretched her hand toward the sky and created a lightning bolt.

✅ what i feel
Typically, being struck by lightning causes severe burns from the electrical shock or even death from internal damage.

She stretched her hand towards the sky and caused lightning to strike. I think I hear thunder when I look at this picture.

But she handles lightning like it's no big deal.

I decided to look for a woman who could handle lightning.

Peruniya was the goddess of lightning and thunder who brought rain to farmers so that their crops would grow well.

✅ story

James worked in the city, but retired early and moved back home with his savings.

He tried his hand at farming and learned about different crops.

Emily didn't go to the country with her dad, James, but she had a job in the city, but it wasn't for her.

A year later, she moved down to the country with her dad.

She learned about crops and farming with her dad, but it wasn't easy.

There was a drought that year, which made it even harder.

They planted garlic and onions, but they couldn't grow properly.

Emily got up early in the morning and went out to the fields.

She prayed to the sky, but there was no answer.

The next day, she got up early again and prayed to the sky.

On the morning of the seventh day

Emily tied her hair up, put on her cloak, and went out to the field.

"Please let it rain," she prayed, "so we can have a good crop this year."

She raised her right hand to the sky in prayer.

Just then, clouds began to roll in from the distant sky.

And a flash of lightning approached.

But she wasn't afraid of the lightning. The bolts of lightning converged on her right hand.

They say that being struck by lightning will kill you, but she felt a sensation of pleasure run through her body.

Then memories of her past life flashed through her mind.

In her previous life, she was a goddess of lightning and thunder.

She was also a goddess of water and a goddess of abundance who gave water life to grow crops.

She realized that she was Peruniya.

She once again stretched her right hand toward the sky.

And she shouted.

"Lightning, come to me, thunder, come to me."

Lightning struck, thunder rumbled, and raindrops began to fall from the sky.

The raindrops soaked the ground, and the garlic and onions grew in abundance.

Dad James was worried about the drought, but he was happy that it was raining.
So we prepared a delicious meal that evening.

Emily and James said a prayer of thanks at the dinner table.

"Emily, I am so glad it rained, it is a blessing from the goddess Peruniya."

"Yes, Dad, I think so too."

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