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The girl riding on the horse rode with fury, the Moon her only guide as she galloped into the depth of the night. Through the dense forests and flowing rivers, she never slowed down, she knew her way around every Mountain and valley, she had been riding through those boughs since she was a child and even with her eyes closed, she could find her way.

But her ride tonight was purposeful, determined, urgent. The weight of duty rested upon her young shoulders and she could not fail, no, never. Gripping the reins tightly, she urged her horse onward, her resolve unflinching.

She was Rumi. Her hair was the deep black of the night and in her mysterious eyes, were sparkling stars. She possessed an extraordinary gift of being able to wield thunder and lightning, cause heavy rains and thunderstorms.

She lived with her mother in the outskirts of town. They had been banished years before, because of her strange powers, which had caused commotion in the Land. In her younger days, she couldn't control her powers and her anger alone would cause thunderstorms, when she cried, the heavens wept and this would leave destruction in its wake. Until the community came together and ordered them to go far away from there, to save them from famine and bankruptcy, for the crops, animals and houses were wrecked whenever she threw her tantrums.

And since then, she had learnt to control her emotions. She knew that her ability was for the greater good of the World and for her community in particular, for wherever darkness or evil loomed, Rumi ruled, watching over the same people who sent her away from them, like a mother hen would her chicks. But she bore no grudges because she knew that one day soon, her people would understand that she was their light rather than their darkness, their friend rather than their foe.

Just as some other times, she galloped into the night, to confront the evil that threatened her people and she knew that she could never fail.

She was Rumi, The Rider Of The Storms, The Guardian Of The Earth and The Custodian Of Lightning and Thunder.

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