Hey LOOK OUT! It's #ZapFic! #MicroFiction #Writing Contest: NEW prompt for Week 110 : Stunning


The fun microfiction writing contest ONLY on ๐ŸHIVE๐Ÿ!
WEEK 110 of the contest!
(Week 10 on ๐ŸHIVE๐Ÿ!)
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It was a wonderful thing that happened to her
to Karol. Everything was spinning indescribably.
Without waiting for the consequences,
followed the path that led her to a bright light.
A light that would lead her to infinity and she walked happily..

This is my story

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#ZapFic Writing Contest Week 110:
Write a story - inspired by the prompt - in 240 characters.

Deadline: Tuesday 9th June 9am (Paris Time)
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Try to ensure you tell as complete a story as you can.

This weeks prompt is :


You can interpret the prompt as you wish (the story does NOT have to contain the word โ€œstunningโ€ in it)

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