A Figure Haunts My Dreams

I see things, and sometimes my brain malfunctions and it becomes difficult for me to tell the difference between reality and imagination.

And we will see,
Today's evening, I will meet that bastard again, a battle will begin, survival of the fittest...
Losing a thousand times before does not mean losing tonight, there is still an opportunity as long as I still dream.

Yes, he is very skilled at getting his words into your head, and this is easy to overcome... But, his real strength lies in his ability to intervene in dreams,
But, me? Unfortunately... I still can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, and we'll see.


Today's evening, that bastard woke me up:
~ Ding ding, it is time for dinner... Won't you give me this delicious brain to feed on?
I am hungry, dear... Come on, don't skimp on me,
You know well what will happen to you if you resist again, don't waste my time! ~

How? I'm not sleeping... Or am I?
This doesn't even matter, I know one thing... The more conscious I become, the weaker this bastard becomes,
Well then, I have to find my mirror, the reflection, seeing things from another perspective...
Shit, he's behind me! Oh no, what the heck is that?... Is this my brain that he's chewing on?


Think... This is not my brain, he's just trying to deceive me, as long as I am still conscious now, so this is not my brain, is it?... And we will see.

Oh, he disappeared... I have finally won, oh bliss... But I need to sleep now,
Umm, sleep? Have I not been sleeping all this time?... Has he found a way out?

I don't know anymore, I'm fed up...
I need some sleep but I'm afraid to face him again in my dreams,

Dreams, huh?... Stop dreaming? Is this the only solution to get rid of this bastard?
Screw him... He can have my brain, I shall sleep and dream, whether it be nightmares or just another hallucinations... And we will see,
Good night, folks... See you on the other side!


Side note: I actually do see things, but, I still can't tell the difference... Yet!

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