There's light in every darkness,There's a way for light, there has never been, there can never be a darkness without light it may be a glimpse, it may be a spark so when stuck you are not at the end so when stuck you are not lost you are called to search. Try searching, keep searching, never give up, the price Worth the search don't stay in darkness. Just search the light it be difficult. It may be hard, add courage. It may take time add patience when you feel lost it's time to search, it not a time to give you there's light there a spark and a spark can set the bush ablaze. even if i don't achieve anything else this year I never knew there can be a time I'll like in the comfort of my bed without feeling the darkness. is my heart thicker than the blackout in room. Without romancing pain depression and sadness. in the context of art . Without burning lnk to express, the silent echoes of my heart transmitted through the continuous flow of tears. Indeed be grateful

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