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- Dad, look, Ladybug!
-Exactly! Do you know how we used to do it in childhood?
-They put a finger on the Ladybug and she crawled onto the finger!
- Wow, and then what?
-And then, we raised our thumbs up!
-What for?
-What do you mean why? So that she flew to the sky ... Okay, I'll tell you!
-What exactly?
-Listen carefully and memorize the rhyme!
- Reader?
-A reading or a saying, but it was like that!
When the Ladybug sits on your finger, she is scared and she freezes for a moment!
To do this, you need to raise your finger up, and then she climbs to the highest point, as if having conquered the top of the Himalayas ...
- What is the Himalayas?
-This is the highest point on planet Earth! The tallest mountains in the world! Do you know how high the highest mountains are?
- No, what?
-8848 meters! The highest peak is called Chomolungma! Almost 9 kilometers! That's the height!
-So, the Ladybird, having conquered the height, begins to listen to your positive counting rhyme!
- Which one?
Fly to the sky ...
There are your children ...
They eat cutlets ...

-As soon as you say these words, Ladybug flies away! Only this, not cutlets, but sweets - I was joking!
**-So great! Can I try? **
-Try it of course!
- Well, Ladybug, you have my magic finger on you, I'll tell you a counting rhyme!

Ladybug instantly climbed on her daughter's finger and froze!

- Dad, look, she climbed on my finger!
-You see? Now strictly according to the instructions of my childhood! Raise our thumbs up and say the magic counting rhyme!

Before the daughter had time to raise her finger, the Ladybug chose the highest point and as if she began to expect something ...

Fly to the sky ...
There are your children ...
They eat sweets ...
Flightlaaaaa ...

-Woooow! Bye, Ladybug!
- Thank you, dad!
-For what?
- For being so kind as a child!
-Remember, never offend anyone! Animals, birds, fish ... They all have the right to live just like us! And it is not their fault that we interfere with them, that we destroy them, offend them, kill them ... Just take care of nature!
- Ok, dad! I will always love not only trees and plants, as you taught me before, but also animals, insects, birds, fish ...
-That's great! Let's go further to explore this wonderful world?
-Let's go to!

There will be many more interesting moments ahead! And you too, appreciate every moment!
That's the end of the fairy tale!
And who read carefully - well done!

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