Suffering From Indecision


Feeling not good because I'm suffering from indecision. What to do or what should I do, I really don't understand. I'm mentally tortured by a woman who is sharing the room of hostel. She is quarrelsome, mannerless woman who always talk loud over phone and always talk bad things about people. I can't tolerate her.

I wanted to move on and choose another room to move but the room booked by some other person. The other rooms in the hostel is not as good as that one and also expensive. The room I'm living right now is good enough but for s bad woman I have to leave this space and may have to pay extra rent.

So what I should do? Leaving this woman is necessary but paying extra rent for the space which doesn’t deserve the rent as the space is small. What should I do? Either I can tolerate the dangerous women to save money or I can spend money to ensure my peace of mind by moving to a small space as single room!

Sometimes I just feel why I pay extra money for a small space that doesn’t deserves the extra rent and sometimes I just feel I should move on because living with a bad woman can kill my peace of mind and can be harmful for me. Should I hold patience and keep continue living with a bad woman or I should compromise with the small space with extra rent?

We should take care of our health right? If something disturbing everyday, it surely not good for mental and physical health. A single room may bring some peace for me but at the same time it changing extra money though I can afford but the space for living is not that good. I made mistake as I didn’t move this month by paying some extra cash for my desired space. Now what to do? Both side need compromise, either compromise living with a bad and disturbing woman or go for a small space by paying more money! What should I do? Please help me to take the right decision! I'm waiting and need to take decision before the end of this month.

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