A Night Could Be Without Electricity

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Today's life without electricity can't be imagine as we are so much depend on it. I just prepared a blog in the evening and the electricity of our floor gone. Other floors in this building had their electricity. I purchased internet volume in my phone and connect laptop via hotspot because I need to publish the blog I wrote.

All day long I'm suffering from migraine and it feels like someone hammering on my head inside. Its painful. Thankfully the room of mine was cool in load shedding. I was praying to Almighty for the come back of electricity earlier. It was gone in the evening 7:12 pm. Just come back when I start writing this blog after 10:15 pm. Three hours long power cut made me feel like the night going to be without electricity.

I went to the dinning room for dinner there the manager of the building ask for light the candle to the chef in our dinning because the main switch of the power in this building need to off and on to fix the electricity of our floor. Finally the electricity come. Without moving fan over head I can't sleep well so electricity is really very important for my sleep at night. I'm already suffering from headache and don’t want to bear this pain all night long.

Planning to sleep early at night to recover the headache. It could be a night without electricity but thankfully it is not. This is my update before sleeping tonight. I want to recover the pain of headache. It was a rainy day today and I went to the market for my emergency gadgets as I've shifted to a new room yesterday. I don't like wet days as these days raining almost all day long.

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